Kiddos' Colouring Book (21pg)

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In light of the current global situation, this activity book will be made available for digital download and at-home printing. The cost will, therefore, be reduced by 80% from RRP. If you would like to make a donation to support the illustrator, you can still do so via 


What's it for?

The goal of this book is to provide relaxing colouring activities that encourage and promote imaginative engagement via stimulation of both cognitive and motor skills.  

Specially designed to inspire the imagination of learners around the ages of 4-12, this 21 page colouring book starts with simple drawings and progresses through to more complex ones.

As an extension for older learners, patterns, layers and textures can be added to extend learning and engagement. 

What's inside?

My Great Big Favourite Super Dooper Fantastically Awesome Colouring Book contains colouring images of: sunshine, a rainbow, the night-time, some clouds, an umbrella, a snowman, a flower, some autumn leaves, a paint palette, some seagulls, the surf, the daytime, a butterfly, a flamingo, a puppy, a turtle, a tree and some fruit.


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