Shape Shifters Activity Book (46pg)

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In light of the current global situation, this activity book will be made available for digital download and at-home printing. The cost will, therefore, be reduced by 80% from RRP. If you would like to make a donation to support the illustrator, you can still do so via

This book is designed to be reprinted and extended via 5 additional extension themes. It really is the gift that keeps on giving!


What's it for?

  • Expand your imagination with shapes and drawing prompts.
  • Transform found objects and explore shape tracing as a way to make art.
  • Turn your projects into cards for family and friends!

 How does it work?

Over 46 pages, this book has 332 frames in it just waiting to be filled with your drawings! Within each frame are one, two or three uniquely placed shapes. You are guided to look at these shapes closely and imagine what is missing. How could you join them up to make a picture?

Can you see a cat? A dog? A robot? A whale? A chicken? Maybe it’s a robot chicken wearing a hat?! Great! Now draw in the frame what you can see in your imagination. We’ll start out slow, with some big pictures. Then once we’ve got the hang of it, we’ll work on some smaller pictures, and then we’ll have a speed round at the end!

Extension 1: At page 37, you’ll get to go find some things around the house. For this section, you’ll need to ask for a few extra blank pieces of paper.

Extension 2: Page 39 onwards is the Speed Round! VROOM!!

Extension 3: If you want to take this drawing challenge even further, ask to print it out again and choose a theme to draw for each page. For example, one page might have to be all animals. The next page has to be all things you can wear.

Extension 4: Once you’ve finished the whole book, go through again and choose your favourite 5 drawings to colour in. Then, it’s time to share with your family and friends!

Extension 5: You can cut out any of the artwork you make and stick it onto some coloured cardboard for friends and family. You’ll just need to ask for the coloured card, scissors and some glue.


Delivered via digital download link.